Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More of Angkor Complex and Angkor Wat

Because I had so much places to visit in Angkor Complex but I had so little time, I had to choose which places I should visit and leave the others behind so I'll have reason to come back to the city. For the last part of my trip in Siem Reap and Angkor, I visited Angkor Wat itself and Phnom Bahkeng, a temple built on top of a hill near Angkor Thom.

The Naga Causeway leading to Angkor Wat.

Causeway going to the temple


Approaching the temple

Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat

Beheaded statue. It's such a shame that the beauty of the temple was ruined because of conflicting beliefs.

Sitting by the window

Wall and ceiling carvings in Angkor Wat

A view of the temple from outside

Monkey wandering in Angkor Wat

Stupas near Angkor Wat

Temple near Angkor Wat

Phnom Bahkeng is believed to be the first major temple in Angkor. Built on top of a hill, it gives a spectacular view and is recommended by locals to visit right before sunset time.

Climbing up the hill to Phnom Bahkeng.

The place was packed with people waiting for the sunset.

Sunset in Phnom Bahkeng


GingGoy said...

ang galing...someday punta rin ako dyan

Jasper said...

thanks! i think you should! :)

Barbie said...

Greeting from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! Jasperjugan! ^ ^

Thks for dropping by! You've been to so many places, but I'll choose this particular category to leave u my comment ^ ^ ! I like looking at the sunset at Phnom Bakheng as well! We can also see the mysterious Angkor Wat straight in the distance!

See u around Jas :)

Jasper said...

hi barbie!

thanks for visiting. hope you enjoy my upcoming posts! :)