Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner-hopping in Siem Reap

On my last night in Siem Reap, I got too hungry for dinner because I've been walking and exploring the whole day. I was looking for a local eatery to sample what locals eat when I came across a noodle house.

So I decided to eat in this noodle house named Mikeav Siem Reap Restaurant.

I sat down in a table, wondering how things work here. I was looking for a cashier just in case that's how to order but there was none. A lady approached me and talked to me in Khmer. She must have thought I was a local but when she realized I do not get what she was saying she simply said "noodles". I asked for a menu and got the same response of "noodles" with a hand gesture that seems to say there is no menu in the restaurant.

A couple of minutes later, the lady came back with a bowl of noodles, pointed to the condiments and smiled. Armed with the condiments and food, I started to dig in according to my taste. I should say the noodles was good or I was too hungry to tell.

After eating, I was asked to pay for only 2,500 KHR but since I got no change, I just gave 3,000 KHR and left the remaining as tip.

Walking back to the hotel. I realized I was still hungry. For that I, I went to this restaurant beside our hotel named What... Bo? Pizza-Cafe Restaurant. The place was nice and elegant but the prices are just reasonable.

I ordered steamed fish with some sauce which they served in a bowl and chicken with rice.

I even ordered a pizza for takeout. I should have been too bloated that night but I guess I gave it away since by this time I missed eating food I usually eat back at home.

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