Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tanjong Beach

The Dolphin Lagoon Show lasted for only half an hour and by 6:00PM Chester and I were virtually free again until 7:40PM for another show. Continuing our journey by foot from Beach Station, where we happen to passed by Palawan Beach and Dolphin Lagoon, we headed farther towards another beach location in Sentosa island.

Enroute to this place, we passed by a parking lot area where a sign stood that stated "WARNING: Beware of possible PEACOCK ATTACK to cars".

And true to its words, a minute earlier, we passed by a peacock roaming around freely. Pecking on things on the road and the nearby grounds.

A 10-minute leisure walk from the Dolphin Lagoon brought us to the entrance of the last beach location that completed our "beach hopping" in Sentosa, Tanjong Beach.

a marker for Tanjong Beach near the tram waiting shed

Located at the farthest end, east of Sentosa island, Tanjong Beach is a secluded area loved by visitors because of its quiet and peaceful ambience. It is located just after Palawan Beach, but its pristine beauty and intimate feeling has been the location of a number of events and parties held in the island.

That very late in the afternoon, we chanced upon a couple from afar that seems to have their wedding picture (or is it a prenuptial?) taken on this beautiful scene.

The place is another long stretch of fine white sand beach that is not only beautiful as a scene, but a lovely place to relax and dip in the water.

Coconut trees along the coastline facing South China Sea, these trees served not only as a beautiful add-on to the scene but to cool down the breeze in a hot summer day.

One notable thing about this beach is its crescent-shaped figure of its shoreline.

There were also a couple of beach volleyball courts available for playing.

A picturesque view and under the shade of a tree on a hot day, what else can you ask for but bum around this place as you wait for the sun to go down.

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MentesSueltas said...

Hola, pasaba a saludar, esperando que estes bien.
Mi abrazo calido de siempre.

Jasper said...

@mentessueltas - thanks for visiting my blog!

Unknown said...

The beach looks so pleasant. It almost resembles the artificial beaches of water parks in a good way.

Jasper said...

@coco - yeah! thanks for visiting!