Friday, May 8, 2009

Underwater World

As we are on a guided tour package, our group was assigned to a dedicated bus so we don't have to wait up on the public bus lines to go around the island, at least during the tour.

Our guide eagerly and cheerfully explained our tour as well as the different areas around Sentosa island as we passed by them. He also reviewed to us the house rules around the island and Underwater World and told us that there's a part of the aquarium where visitors can interact with the animals or even touch them. As a word of caution of course, he mentioned that however cute the animals are for petting, we cannot squeeze nor take them out of water for a long time. :D

Our first stop was in Underwater World, across the Siloso Beach. It is said to be the Asia's largest tropical oceanarium. We had roughly over an hour to go around the aquariums inside and view the water animals.

Based on studies, a good way for kids to learn and appreciate things is to make it interactive. Here's one of the displays in the aquarium where you can feel and touch the animals.

What's cool is that they also have an aquarium where you can place your hand inside (see the left side). Neat!

Other areas and aquariums in Underwater World:

journey of discovery

large squid?

large snails?


Jelly World

me, at the aquariums

Underwater World is well known for its travelator that brings visitors through a journey towards the ocean's depth in a tunnel-like experience, putting you at the center of everything.

a shark!

what kind of fish is this?

Other fishes in the aquarium

Chester and I finished the whole aquarium in no time. Maybe because we've been to a similar place already, plus I've been here before, that's why everything was just as expected. For me though, I thought the aquarium 3 years back seemed bigger than it is now.

On our way out, it was hilarious to see this sign of "No Feeding" right beside a table where someone is eating.

There's also a store right out side called Hot Dog King that serves huge servings of hotdogs.

But what caught my attention are the dispensers of their condiments. They are humongous and I thought if I have a hotdog on my hand, it will be hard to hold it.

Up next... more of Sentosa island!


Pete said...

Mmmm, have not been back to Singapore already for 2 years. My kids love the aquarium. They went throught the tunnel many times on our last visit there. Thks for dropping by my blog. Cheers!

A scientist in the kitchen in the kitchen said...

The pictures look great, I look forward to visiting the underwater world the next time I'm in Singapore. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.


escape said...

wow! i specially like the octopus and the jellyfish. maybe because you cant find that in our oceanpark.

thanks for the tour! keep in touch jas.

mhel said...

When I visited Sentosa I wasn't able to visit this place. Thanks for the tour.

Jasper said...

@gay - thanks!

@the dong - i honestly haven't been to our oceanpark yet!! haha

@an asian traveler - thanks. it's a must for you next time! :)

eunice said...

I think I will be going Sentosa again with my relatives who are coming to SG this Sat. Your tour package with that travel agency sounds like a good deal.

I have never been to the Underwater world at Sentosa! Heard it's good.. but only I can't bear to part my money for the expensive admission ticket. :P

Oh ya, if I want to go to the Philippines, where should I go for a budget trip?

Email me!!

Shelyn said...

Interesting... why didn't you stick your head in so I can tell how exactly it looks like with the head in the aquarium.

eunice said...

hey, for the last pic, er..u dun need to hold the bottle,u can just squeeze the sauce out like milking a cow. :P

Guess I'm going Sentosa again this Sunday. Gosh.. it's damn hot now

Jasper said...

@eunice - oh so you're going back to sentosa! good luck with the weather haha :D

@shelyn - i should have thought of that!!! haha but then again, it won't fit

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Hi jasper! Is underwater world in SIN a sister company of underwater world in Guam?

Anyway, nice post. It is nice part of travel to visit oceanariums... I always marvel at this aquarium wonders since I first experience it in Guam.

Jasper said...

@ian bryce - not sure. in Guam they spell it out as UnderWater World.