Saturday, June 14, 2008

The World of Happiness - Dream World

Dream World is an amusement theme park located in Patumthani, an hour away from Bangkok. For this adventure we just called the reservations and opted for the special package that costed us around 1,000 THB per person inclusive of round-trip transportation from Bangkok, entrance ticket to the park, entrance to Snow Town and buffet lunch. Not bad because it will be less hassle this way!

We were picked up early in the morning so we got there just in time the park opened up. We had the whole day to ourselves until the afternoon when we'll be fetched to go back to Bangkok.

Dream World is an enormous amusement theme park. If you really wanted to go through every activity, it would take you for sure more than just a day. You also need to get ready for lots and lots of walking in the park. First place we stopped was the Love Garden, a romantic place for couples to have their pictures taken.

In Dream World, there are a lot of "photo opportunities" spots for camwhores, especially in the section called Crazy Zone. Here are just some of those shots that we have. More pictures are available here in case you want to view them.

Fantasy Land

Walking around, we stumbled upon some Hawaiian-dressed coconut trees.

Looking for a toilet? It's easy to know if there's one around, just look for a grumpled kid like this one.

We went inside the Haunted Mansion, it wasn't as big as it seems in the picture but the effects were great.

Snow Town is our most favorite area in the amusement park. It was a very hot day then and it was almost noon time when we got in here. Regularly entrance is separate but since we got a package that included entrance to Snow Town, we really looked forward to this place to chill ourselves from the hot day.

Snow Town is more like a "Christmas Town" for me. Santa Claus, raindeers, igloos, bears, penguins, etc. - you'll really feel like it's winter! Of course, there were snow!

Inside, there was a slide/glider like this one where you'll go up the top of a "hill" and ride your slider all the way down. It was fun!

The activities in Snow Town made us hungry and it was almost 1 PM so we went to Food Pavilion to "claim" our buffet lunch. Food was just okay and there weren't too much choices. Drinks are separate and you have to pay for them.


We passed by this pool with a lot of colorful big carp fishes. We looked for a kiosk and got ourselves fish food so we can mingle with the fishes and play "master".

After the feeding, we went inside the Giant's House. This is an interesting place where everything is supersized for a giant. Chairs, tables, bed, etc.

From here you can see how little human beings are compared to giants.

Ship in the lagoon.

There were also idols, and what else should we do with them?

There were also transportation inside the amusement park. To be specific cable car and monorail. So if you feel your feet are already aching badly, just ride either of the two and have yourself transported from one point of the park to the other. The two transportation by itself are attraction rides.

This Kaptor ride caught my attention. It's like a rotating cup and looking at how things go, it must really be horrible that you would feel dizzy after the ride.

Grand Canyon is a white water rapids ride.

We also went for one of my favorite activities in amusement theme parks, the Go-Kart racing! I'm not shown here but of course I won the first place!

Hollywood Action, a real-to-life show mimicking hollywood action film fighting terrorist, complete with effects and vehicles.

Flying Carpet ride.

At the end of the day, before we were picked up, the last attraction we went to is in the Seven Wonders of the World where life-like scales are showcased. It's like touring around the world in 1 minute!

There are a lot of things you can do in Dream World. In fact, this is one of the best amusement theme park so far I've ever been in Asia. So much to do, so little time. If you'll see my other photos (see link below), there are more rides than what was mentioned here, both child-friendly ones and for adult adventure-seekers. There are also other activities including shows and exhibits that you may want to visit and see. Of course, around the park there are more and more photo opportunity spots that you shouldn't miss having your picture taken from!

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


eunice said...

Hi Jasper,

Wow, you must have really enjoyed yourself in Bangkok. I didn't know Bangkok has such an interesting theme park. Frankly speaking, it seems that I have been to quite a number of places as far as USA, and I have never been to Bangkok, when it's only like 3hrs flight from Singapore (my country)! I think I should go!

Good to hear that you went to Angkor Wat. I didn't plan properly for my Saigon trip, and I only went there for 5days. Only after I booked the ticket, then I realised Angkor Wat is so near to Saigon, and I sort of regretted it. But, my dear friend doesn't like historical site, so we didn't go there also due to such a short trip.

I look forward to your Angkor Wat. If possible, can you be my contributor also? I will link the post to your blog :)


Jasper said...

hi eunice!

i'd be happy to contribute to your blog just let me know how it works :)

frankly speaking, i think there are more interesting places in Southeast Asia than in the US. in the US i sometimes feel like once i've been into one, it's like i've been to all.

GingGoy said...

bago yan a dami na nga nadagdag sa BKK...

Jasper said...

yup! dami na nga nadagdag sa bangkok. makes me want to go do a mega backpacking trip of thailand, cambodia, laos, singapore, malaysia.