Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Santacruzan parade in Alitagtag, Batangas

Chester and his family invited me to his hometown in Alitagtag, Batangas to watch a Santacruzan parade. The religious parade, usually held at the last day of May each year, is a novena procession that re-enacts the finding of the cross of St. Helena in Cavalry 300 years after death of Jesus Christ.

It was an event well-prepared and led by the community. People from all walks of life and of different ages participate in the parade.

There were kids who eagerly join the parade.

A lot of teens and youngsters also participated.

And of course, as a tradition, the elderly.

There were floats from each of the barangays of the town depicting Mother Mary. A parade group usually starts (or ends) with a band.

The main attraction of a parade group is usually the float featuring a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


It was also sort of a "beauty competition". Participants really dress up for the event and exert effort to make themselves pretty and pleasing to the eyes.

Here's a local version of a float, entitled Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut), where Mother Mary is placed in a model of a native house made of bamboo and dried grass which is actually a national house of the Philippines.

This is where more excitement began that night. There was a time when 2 barangays passed by the same street on opposite sides at the same time. It became a bit chaotic and the environment was quite tensed but it was fun.

Majority of those who participated and higlighted in the parade are kids.

Even foreign kids participated in the parade. I'm sure they enjoyed the event.

The "main piece" of a parade group is the Hermano and Hermana who are usually the "sponsors" of the group.

Other pictures.

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


Unknown said...

salamat po for featuring our tapusan festival..nakakataba po ng puso na makita sa blog nyo ang aming tradisyon, in fact most of the pictures eh from our barangay who happened to be our Clan-Castillo was the Hermana Mayor.Though i missed that momentous event kc po im working abroad during that time...

Let me take this oppurtunity to invite you once again to vist and witness our tradion on May 30-31 2010..Kami po ulet ang Hermana Mayor.Hope to see you there..

Maraming Salamat Po.May the force be with you as you explore the wonders of the world..

Romeo Coronel Jr.

Rosalinda Morgan said...

I'm happy to see this post about the Santacruzan in Alitagtag. I grew up in Alitagtag and miss the place. I now live in US. My brother is there right now anticipating to see the tapusan before he heads back to US. I'm going to use one of your photos in my blog. Thanks.